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Snail Shell Cave
Snail Shell is part of a vast, underground drainage system in Rutherford County, Tennessee, that begins near Eagleville then flows northeast for 13 miles to emerge as a huge spring on the bank of the West Fork of the Stones River.  ...
$ 31.00
Murder Hole
Catawba Murder Hole Cave in Botetourt County, Virginia is a unique place of danger and beauty.  Caver, landowner, and artist, Marian McConnell shares this fascinating collection of legends, history of its early...
$ 27.50
Caves of Grassy Cove
Grassy Cove is the largest sinkhole in the United States.  It is 3 miles wide and 6 miles long.  All of the precipitation falling into Grassy Cove and draining into Grassy Cove flows into Mill Cave and reappears 7 miles to the s...
$ 35.00
2015 NSS Caving Calendar "America's Underground"
2015 NSS Calendar "America's Underground"The NSS has produced its first ever cave calendar for the year 2015. The calendar is a 12" x 9", traditional 12-month wall calendar, offset printed on glossy stock. There is a full-size pho...
$ 6.00
2014 NSS Convention Guidebook
The 2014 NSS Convention Guidebooks are now available. Edited by Julie Schenck-Brown & Louis Towles 242 pages, Color
$ 20.00
Cave Minerals of the World
This book is intended for cavers and mineralogists alike. Cavers will especially enjoy the color photography--at least one photo of each speleothem type is included. The professional mineralogist wi...
$ 45.00
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